Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hey all, just sitting in a strong meeting with strong men talking about strong issues - homosexuality, leadership, movements, Jesus, death in churches, sin...we all want victory in these (and other) areas but we are powerless in actually making it happen for any time longer than a few moments. My thoughts are moving toward the Wind of God (Holy Spirit) and dreaming that each of you/us would yearn to follow Him and move when He points...I think He is pointing much more frequently than we follow. I think He is always pointing in at least one direction in our lives - He, the Wind of God, wants us to be following His movement. He wants to change the world, our lives, families work places and playgrounds - He is moving, but we need to fly with Him. Maybe we need to be more like kites instead of wanting to hold the string. Men, don't be afraid to leave the ground! Don't be afraid to fly with the Wind of God. Take on the courage that God has placed in you (you are created in His image) and fly to where you were meant to fly. And what of holding on to the string? Allow God to be in that position - just fly. Live out the strongness that God has placed in you. Embrace prayer, perseverence, practice, poverty, purity, providence and purpose and live strongly for Him...only for Him...fully for Him. You'll be amazed at the future. Let's fly together!