Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Pictures

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Back Home

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The hand off is complete - the above picture shows your Indian Nationals holding the baton after it was passed off to them by the EID/USA team. What a blessing it was to see them happiliy and proudly embrace the future together. After a rugged trip, it was good to be home, get some rest, be with family and friends and reflect on what I've learned. My next few posts may include more of the lessons learned but let me share with you what hit me the deepest. I do not belong in the same league spiritually as my brothers and sisters you see in the picture above. Their deep dependence and faith in the Lord should be legendary. I cannot tell you how many times I heard them comment (not bragging) that they had prayed and fasted 3 days, 7 days and 30 days at a time for the Lord to come through in some situation. Often they spoke of the honor to suffer for the Lord. They regularly choose obdedience to the Lord over comfort. They actually believe that the message of the cross is life to their land so they risk much to get the Word of God out to people who need it. Both of our staff have taken on this ministry knowing they would not have as good of an income as they could - but God was directing them to Evangelism In Depth. When I watch how they love God and their fellow man, it excites my heart. The verse that speaks to me since my return is found in Romans 12:3 "Do not think more highly of yourself than you ought." I know I do this too often - I will endeavor to do it less with the Spirit's help.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Handoff is Complete

Well, we are packing to travel to London. Our plane leaves at 7am and it is not 10pm. However, we are told that we need to be at the Delhi airport about 3.5 to 4 hours early because there so much construction going on at the airport and that it is so crowded that it takes forever to get through immigration etc. We'll see what happens. Today was a day of worship, prayer, teaching and tears. Walter, George and I all taught, encouraged and exhorted our Indian brothers and sisters in the Lord. We told them that this ministry is now offically 1000% theirs. You should have seen the smiles and agreement that came on their faces. I don't think they yet fully comprehend the importance of this meeting - I'm not sure I do either. In Matt and Suma's living room we had a college professor, a high school teacher, two engineers, a business man and a minister of defense for India. Can you imagine if all of these were to be evangelizers, how India would be reached. In fact they are all evangelizers and are ready to take the gospel message to all the world where they live. The EId/India team each expressed their love and thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to be with them and for the prayer and finances donated to help them to be on their own in ministry. Our connection will remain strong, as peers, to reach the nations for Jesus. I will write from London if possible and I'll write a lenghty overview once I return home. Walter is flying home now and we leave soon. PLease keep us in prayer for safe travel and to be sickness free. Blessings, Ed

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Bang Woke Me Up

The firecrackers began to go off at 5:15am this morning breaking a good sleep. I could not go back to sleep and the firecrackers, or 'crackers', as they say here in India, continued for about 30 minutes. It was the end to a very dark and demonic worshp service that began the night before. Even now, at 6:48am, the crackers continue to go off. They sound like they are going off right next to our flat/condo. Last night we had dinner at Titus and Patricia's home. Titus serves on the EID board of directors here in India. I had met them last year - they are a great family and strong partners in the winning India for ministry. The food, once agian, was fantastic. We had a great time sharing the EID/USA vision of handing off this ministry and what it might look like for them to be in total control. Titus and Patricia were grateful for the blessing of being part of this very historic event. Upon our return, we noticed a huge tent erected in the common area of the 'society' (their condo complex). They thought it would may be a wedding and we were excited to be able to at least observe an Indian wedding. (More crackers just went off). As we turned the corner and looked into the tent, we were agast at what we saw. My heart sank and my stomach had a knot in it. It was a Hindu worship/prayer service. The stage had several, what appeared to be, Hindu god thrones or replica thrones (more crackers now) that were to be worshipped. There were people brightly dressed (more crackers) and looked like they were seated on the thrones. We were far away so detail was difficult (more crackers). There was very loud music playing with a drum beat that was other worldly. My stomach knotted up even more and I thought I would vomit. The darkness could be felt by all of us believers. We left after about 3 minutes at the most. As we arrived in the flat, we began to pray and do spiritual warfare. The must was so loud, seven stories up, that we had to speak loudly in our prayers. We prayed for protection, sleep and for the electricity to go out so they would have to abandon their worship service. Well, the electricity did not go out, but we all appear to have slept well and to have been protected. The crackers celebrated the end of the prater service. We all slept with ear plugs, but it seems they did turn down the music about midnight but kept going all night long...amazing. Today we meet for a house church worship service, lunch and then officially handing off the ministry to the EID team. We are having the leader of the Nepal EID arriving to join us today. It will be a great day - tomorrow will be a hard good-bye in the very early morning as we fly to London to visit 2 missionaries before flying home on Wednesday. Thanks so much for your prayers. Blessings, Ed

A Powe/ rful Time in India

I finally got a night of rest. I was able to sleep for about six hours and I feel refreshed. Thanks to those who are praying for me. Tomorrow will be a historic day as we will be 'officially' handing off the EID leadership fully to Matthew, Jeffery and whole EID team. Last evening, we had dinner with one of the EID/India directors. We expressed our love, appreciation and joy for all they are accomplishing. Today, we spent the morning discussing with our EID team here more about the ministry. What we found out was very impressive. The integrity, power, hard work and vision these men have for India is very exciting. Your prayers for this land will be very useful for the kingdom of God here. There are so many people that you cannot begin to imagine. I have lots of video that I will share with you in a couple of weeks that will help you to understand the challenges here. This country is poised to impact the entire world. If the Holy Spirit will be so gracious as to allow a revival, who knows how it will reach the world. We are about to leave for dinner with another board member where we will express similar things as we did last night. Our pace has been fast and exhausting. The hospitality of the people here is amazing. We are so blessed to be here and to learn and give to these people. We had a chance to do some shopping today. There is no such thing as a set price here in India. Everything is negotiaged and if you are not Indian, you will surely pay much more for things. Of course, we Matt and Jeff, we 'almost' got the Indian price. For lunch, we ate at a small local shop. I was a little worried about eating there but Matt assured us that it was safe because it was cooked. We had some very delicious chicken and sheik kabobs. The tastes here is amazing. If you like spicy food, you will love India. As we drove around town today, we saw so many sights that are hard to put into words. There are sections of town where you can buy certain items. Beds in one section, furniture in another section, food in another. It is a Wal-mart on steriods. Our car has arrived and we need to leave for dinner. I'll write more tomorrow BLEssings, ed

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wild Rides & Late Meals

Well, it is midnight here in Delhi and we are just returning home from a house church meeting and dinner. Dinner is usually ate late, between 8pm and 11pm. Tonight we had Chinese. The house church was a joyful experience with about 15 people there. One of the ladies there is seeking for the true God. Her name is Katina, please pray for her salvation. We sang songs in Hini, had some testimonies and then I was asked to lead a discussion from the Scriptures for about 25 minutes. These believers are on fire for the Lord and want to see much happen for the kingdom of God. They are also working very hard on prioritizing serving Christ over their personal desires. Their faith is amazing, encouraging and hopeful. May God fill their spiritual dreams. On the car ride home, we passed by several wedding ceremonies with loud music, lots of dancing and eating. There is really no way to explain what car or taxi ride is like here in India. The best I can do is think of a combination of a pinball game (bouncing around and around) coupled with a reckless video car driving game where things pop out of no where and you have to avoid them. Tonight we were almost in at least 3 accidents - or so it seemed. George was in the front seat and was very nervous. There were many times where he said loudly "whoa". We laughted much of the way home. George and Walter are adjusting to the culture well. We are all enjoying the Indian food. No one is sick. There are many more mosquito's than last year and the dengue fever incidence rate is fairly high. Please pray for us and the EID team here to be free of any sicknesses. I am still not yet sleeping well. I have a headache from lack of sleep. My body is screaming at me :-) Your prayers will be appreciated. Tomorrow we are taking a day trip into old Delhi by the metro train - it should be another grand experience. Thanks for praying, Ed

Eating A Lot

Things are well here in India with us. We are getting ready to leave to teach at a house church here in Delhi. We have spent the last 2 days talking with our EID/India team, developing relationships with them and eating. We have ate so much Indian food - we love it all. We have heard stories today of how this team of wonderful people have been used of the Lord to see revival's started in villages, healings, salvations and great impact in strategic areas in India. If you are supporting this work in India, you are receiving a great return on your investment. I have not heard today from home as to how Rachel is doing. Please keep her in your prayers. I will have more time to write in greater detail tomorrow. May the Lord bless you - please continue to pray for protection, strength and wisdom as we continue to minister here in Delhi, India. Blessings, Ed