Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Wind

It has been windy for a few days in Phoenix. Trees have blown down, pools are dirty with debris, even one of my chairs in the backyard fell over yesterday. The wind is rarely this strong for this long here in the valley of the sun. I was outside yesterday trying to read and the wind was snapping the pages of book back and forth that I just gave up and found a chair inside to read. The wind has not helped my allergies either - the air is full of pollen, dirt and other yuckies. You might think from the above paragraph that I do not like wind too much. Wind can cause inconveniences, damage, changes and even be annoying at times. Wind can also be very helpful. Wind allows us to fly kites and unfurl flags. Wind moves seeds to other areas to migrate crops, it moves all sorts of flying insects to other parts of the country and it moves weather systems from one location to another. Wind is dynamic, unseen, powerful and helpful. Spiritual wind has some similar characteristics. Wind can be a name for the Spirit of God in the Bible and He is known to be powerful and helpful. I wonder what Phoenix would look like if the Wind of God would blow strongly over our spiritual landscape as it is doing physically. I would guess that my life would be somewhat different, messed up, changed and more powerful, submissive and humble. I pray for the Wind of God to blow strongly for His glory and purposes - so that Jesus will be lifted up and for all people to be drawn to Him. That sounds like something to beg God for to pray and fast...He might even blow over your chair.

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