Thursday, February 26, 2009

Amazing, Startling and Brilliant

When I think about God's Missional heart, His wildness is simply amazing, startling and brilliant.  Over the past few posts, I've shared with you some amazing truths about what God has called each of His followers to - a missional life.  But God does not call us to be missional without giving to and placing in us every tool we need to be effective.  Here is a short list of what every believer receives at the moment they become a believer...
God's Authority: Matthew 28:16-20 teaches us that all authority on heaven and on earth was given to Jesus and that Jesus will be with every believer for eternity.  If we connect the dots, the authority that was given to Jesus is in each of us now and forever.  This is enhanced when we remember these verses teach us about our missional purpose which is to be making disciples throughout our lifetime.  This directive from Jesus begins when we become His follower and never ends.  Jesus gives us His authority to us to be successful in this disciple making process that begins with telling people the truth of the good news.
God's Power:  Acts 1:8 instructs to understand that when we become a Christ follower, we receive the Holy Spirit and His power.  This power is explosive!  The word for power here is actually the word we get dynamite from in English.  This explosive power from God is for the stated purpose of being witnesses to the world for Jesus Christ.  God sends us out with His authority and then He gives us His power.  How effective, supportive and amazing is that?
God's Mind:  1 Corinthians 2:1-16 teaches us that God freely gives us what we need to know to be effective in sharing the good news with anyone we come in contact with.  God knows all things about all people.  God lives in us because we are followers of Jesus.  God promises in this section to give us what to know, say or do to be effective dispensers of the good news in each situation.  1 Corinthians 2:16 teaches us that we have the '...mind of Christ."
God's Words:  Jesus knew that people would worry, fret and be fearful when it came time to tell about the wonderful things Christ has done for the world.  Jesus knew exactly how to take care of the problem in a powerful way.  He removed these concerns by giving His children the exact words to say at the right time to have the right effect in their lives.  You can find these verses in Ephesians 6:18-20, Matthew 10:16-20, Mark 13:9-11, and Luke 21:12-15...and there are other passages laced throughout the Old and New Testament.
Those are some wild guarantees from God.  He promises all of them to us so that we can be wildly effective as we share the good news.  I think it is very clear that God wants every one of His children to have fun and be successful in giving away His truth generously.  
Let me encourage you to teach everyone you know these four simple and yet wild gifts that every follower of Christ receives at the moment the give their lives to Jesus Christ.  He certainly is amazing.  Jesus ensures that as you obey His promptings to share Him with others that you will be successful in amazing ways.
I would love to hear stories of what happens after you teach these truths to folks or what happens in your life as you put them into practice.  E-mail me!

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    You're amazing - the most gifted writer I have ever met!