Thursday, December 02, 2010

Evaluating Health in Your Church

Is your church healthy?  How would you know?  Measuring numbers of people or dollars or activities don't really tell the story of health.  Sometimes, if these numbers continue to grow, it may indicate poor health like spiritual obesity or a growing spiritual tumor that shuts down other vital organs of the body.  Every person should be concerned about the health of their church.  If numbers (the current but changing standard of measuring health) are not an accurate gauge, then what is?  I believe that every church should measure their health by their interaction and obedience to the Word of God, with their interaction to love and serve each other and with their interaction with those not yet following Jesus.  Here then, is a simple way for every person to measure and address the health of their church.

First, be familiar with the DNA of a church.  If you are not, simply click on DNA and take a very short refresher course.  If you are familiar with DNA, move on to the next point.

Get the past 2 to 3 months of your church life together in your head and ask these simple questions with answers ranging from 1(poor) - 10 (great).  If you answer with 1-4, some strong conversation is needed in your church on that area of health.  If your answer is 5-7, you should make a comment to the church and be more intentional in that area of health.  If your answer is 8-10, keep on the same path in this area of health.  Here are the questions:

1. How are we doing together at interacting with the Divine Truth (both Living and Written)?  How am I doing personally at interacting with the Diving Truth?

2. How are we doing together at loving and caring for each other and those in our lives?  How am I doing at loving and caring for my neighbors?

3. How are we, as a church, doing at engaging those not yet following Jesus?  How is our passion and concern for lost people?  How am I doing at sharing Jesus with others?

Do take some time every several weeks to discuss with your church where your health currently is and then make adjustments to help stimulate more health (Hebrews 10:24-25).  This health score card should be an ongoing process, realizing that no church will ever 'arrive' but will always need to be making adjustments in their spiritual health.  If your church is mostly strong in these areas or is aggressively addressing weaknesses, you will be a powerful entity in your community and therefore healthy and therefore, matter what size you are :-)

If you have any questions about this post, please send your questions to me!