Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catch and Keep or Catch and Release?

I love to flyfish.  There is something about wading into a river, looking for signs of a trout, learning what they are feeding on, choosing the right fly and casting with precision to the right location at the right time.  When the trout rises, sucks down the fly and my line takes off with that familiar 'zing', my heart pumps shooting excitement in my veins as I play the fish into my net.  Some fishermen may take that trout and put into their creel (basket) but I put the fish back into the water so it can swim, play and reproduce so that there are more and more fish to enjoy catching.

I also love fishing for people.  Not only to see them come to Christ but also to see those who are following Christ to become people fishermen as well.  I love to watch and pray for men and women who are hungry for Jesus, who will rise to the call of God in their hearts and suck down large quantities of His Word only to be released back into the world to grow, reproduce and bring others along in their faith.

The challenge for me in all of this is the waiting.  Waiting for men and women who are hungry for more of Christ - who are ready to exchange their life for His.  In my experience, these people are becoming more and more rare.  Maybe because too many fishers of men are putting their catch in their creel instead of releasing them to grow, thrive and reproduce.

What about you?  Are you hungry for more of Jesus, His Word and His people?  Are you willing to be a fisher of men (Matthew 4:19)?  When you do catch a soul, do you put them in your creel or to do you release them back into the world to grow, thrive and reproduce?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


  1. It's a blessing to fish with you!

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