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Is it God, or is it the Caffeine?

I was enjoying a hot Americano with two friends who love Jesus. I do love my coffee strong and black (or is it black and strong?). We were discussing a passage in the Bible when I noticed a man craning his neck to listen in on our conversation. My friends had their back to this man. In the middle of our conversation, I broke out telling my friends the story of how I met Jesus; which they had heard a dozen times before. My friends had a look of bewilderment, but I just went on telling my story. After we wrapped up our time of coffee and conversation, we headed to the door. One of my friends asked me why I had told the story of how I met Jesus? I replied by telling him that the man sitting behind him was listening in to our conversation and I simply felt the something in my soul nudging me to tell my story so the man could hear the gospel incognito.

At that very moment, the man who was listening to our conversation came through the door of the coffee shop. He mentioned he had heard our…

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