Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Found God In Colorado

Last week, Debbie and left Phoenix to travel to Dillon, Colorado where I was teaching at the Greenhouse Weekend Intensive. When we left Phoenix, it was 90º. When we arrived in Dillon, it was about 34º - and snowing. Winter has gone long in Colorado. As we woke up the next morning to a fresh layer of snow on the car, the ground and the mountains, I could not contain the joy of beauty that I saw. God's touch upon the Colorado Rockies is amazing.

As I pictured myself as a dot amongst some of the most majestic mountains anywhere. I found a new way to experience myself beyond the industrial, same old standards of life and worship. My ecclesiastical (church) life is often found to be routine, predictable and colorless. In the Rockies, my spirit had a chance to touch the cosmology of God in a fresh way. As Deb and I drove to 11, 990 feet at the Loveland pass I felt on top of the world and God met me there - in worship, in the cold, in the wind and in the beauty of His creation.

I often use the term Organic Church because I like the ideal of that word connected to church. To me it means no pretense (or a whole lot less) , no additives, chemicals or man-made ingenuity - just Jesus in the midst of His people doing what Jesus does best, transforming lives. In the Colorado Rockies, there is no pretense, additives or chemicals (that I could see :-) - just God and His creation. It was beautiful, pure and inspiring.

I pray that you'll find God in God's creation around your home - in the cacti, in the rocks in your front yard or in the smile on your family. You can find God anywhere. He is after all, omnipresent.

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