Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saturday Mornings

I'm plowing through Job chapters 1-21 for about the 7th time in the past few weeks.  I'm reading these chapters a bunch because of group of guys I get together with on Saturday mornings.

These guys look forward to Saturday mornings.  Not because we can sleep in but because we get to meet early with friends.  We talk, laugh and enjoy some really good bagels.

We enjoy sharing our woes, joys, the way we messed up during the week, how we need to love our wives better - it is really encouraging to hear each others stories and give and get encouragement.

We talk about sections in the Bible we are reading and some really good insights get exposed to us.

We spend some time instilling in each other a heart and mindset of praying for and engaging people who really need Jesus.

Saturday mornings are a bunch of fun and it is part of the way we men are becoming like Jesus.  We are interacting with the God's Word, being honest about their lives and really begging God for people's heart ot be changed.

This spills out to text messages and e-mails throughout the week - some encouraging, some funny, some annoying - but we love each other and point each other to Christ.

Making disciples is simple - but it does take a commitment to a few, an investment of time and a desperate heart to know Jesus more deeply.  If you would like to join in on the fun and make disciples, check out this LINK to learn more!

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