Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sydney in the Past - Canberra in the Future

It is Monday morning here in Australia.  Neil and I spent the weekend teaching about 60 or so people Organic Church Principles in Sydney.  The reception was strong as many of the people here have been reading and learning about moving church from being attractional to being apostolic (sent), that is, from being being spectators to realizing they are sent into their cities and workplaces to multiply God's Kingdom.  It was refreshing, exciting and encouraging.

On Sunday morning as we arrived to teach, there was a Chinese woman who came up to a few people outside wanting to know what we were about.  She saw the 'Greenhouse' and 'Organic Church' signs pointing to the conference and she found herself curious.  Her name is Eunice and she is part of a cult called "The Supreme Master".   We spent about 30 minutes telling her what we were learning and discussed whom she thought Jesus is.  I encouraged her to get some contact information from some of the people who lived near her home and they exchanged information.  As we began teaching Sunday morning, I noticed Eunice in the crowd.  Some of the ladies invited her to stay and she did.  Please pray for Eunice to remain connected to some of these people who love Jesus so the Eunice can find the true Supreme Master, Jesus Christ and all of her 'karma' taken away.

Neil and I are now in Bombadarry and we will be driving another 2.5 hours to the Capital of Australia, Canberra where we will be teaching tonight and all day tomorrow.  Your prayers would be greatly appreciated for more impact on this wonderful country.

We have enjoyed some excellent lamb, some good steaks, a lamb burger and Chinese food.  I'm loving the eclectic food choices in the country!  Neil and I got to see the new Batman movie with one of the younger men attending the conference in Sydney.  It was a good movie full of action and redemption.  

We have heard about the shootings in Colorado and we pray for the families peace.  Please pray against the demonic spirit that is somehow over Colorado.  This is the third shooting incident that I am aware of in Colorado; Columbine, the shooting at New Life Church in 2007 where 2 students were killed and now this shooting where 12 were killed 58 wounded.  Let's pray against whatever this spirit of darkness and death is hovering over the great state of Colorado.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Arriving in Australia

There are a few firsts in my life today.  Today is the first time I flew on Air New Zealand and it was very pleasant experience.  Today is the first time I have been on the south side of the equator (am I suppose to shave my head?).  Today is the first time I have been to New Zealand.  I was only there for a few hours but I met a great Orthodontists on the flight to Sydney and promised to pray for peace in his soul (see more below).  You can pray for my new friend as well.  Today is the first time I have been to Australia.

As you can tell, Neil Cole and I arrived safely here.  We have enjoyed a nice day with David and Helen Esdaile.  Tomorrow we will take a harbor tour, rest a bit and begin teaching Organic Church Principles in the evening and through the weekend.  Tonight we are staying with Greg and Diane who have spent time in Peoria, Az.  They know a mutual pastor friend, Brian Anderson (North Phoenix Vineyard) - small world.  I'm looking forward to lamb chops for dinner!

This afternoon we walked a couple of the streets of Cambramatta and it looked nothing like I might have imagined a city in Australia.  Take a look at the photo below and let me know if this is what you might expect to see...


I'm happy to report that it is apparent my presuppositions about Australia are not true!

We have three conferences to teach at over the next 10 days.  Your valuable prayers will be appreciated very much.

On my flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles, I sat next to a 20 something young man named Mark.  Mark and I began to talk and quickly he was lamenting the way church is often done and how he longed for things to change.  We spent the next 90 minutes pouring over the Scriptures to learn more about organic church principles.  It was a powerful time and I hope that Mark and I will stay in touch so he can learn more and hand off what he is learning.  

On my flight from Aukland, New Zealand to Sydney, I did speak to my Orthodontist friend that I mentioned above.  His first name is Allen.  Allen has traveled all over the world and when I mentioned that my wife and I traveled to France last year to celebrate her breast cancer recovery, he said good for you Mate, I lost my wife to cancer.  His wife had Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) which is the same cancer my neighbor, Lee, had a few years ago.  I told Allen that I would pray for him to have a surge of peace and he thanked me.  Just before disembarking the plant, he handed me his card when I learned he was an Orthodontists.  I pray Allen and I will begin an e-mail friendship and we'll see where God brings us.

Both of these stories remind me that when we are ready to hear from God and obey what He speaks into our hearts for another, mighty ministry can begin.  Let me encourage you to be listening, even straining to hear the voice of God in your hearts and then obey what He speaks to you at any given moment...who knows what adventure God might take you on?

Thanks for your prayers my friends.  Your prayers will be part of a great influence here in Australia.  We are begging God for a mighty work of His Spirit upon this land so that there is an unleashing of multiple, multiplicative movements across this great country for His glory!