Friday, November 30, 2007

Sitting in Munich

Well, I'm on my way home. I'm sitting at a airport restaurant in Munich, Germany. It is a very large and sterile airport but smartly decorated. It is not very busy. It is 1:31 am in Phoenix and 9:31am in Munich. My next flight is to Dulles, Washington Airport. That flight will be about 9.5 hours and then a 'short' 5.5 hour flight to Phoenix. I cannot wait to be home. After teaching on the second day, we have a very holy time with about 40 of the conference folks interested in organic church. The discussion was lively, holy and the whole group was in a learning posture. I was simply exhausted but was excited at what God was doing. I believe there will be a large church planting movement here in Ukraine in the future. The leaders here are ripe for something more meaningful than what they have been experiencing. They also want to see multiplication so their country will come to Jesus. That night, I could not sleep. I went to bed about 10:30pm and I don't think I got to sleep until 2:00am. I was up at 6:30pm and prepared for another long day of teaching, talking, learning and mentoring. After we were finished, we traveled back to Kiev to stay at Timmy and Kenyon Powers' home. I have not seen anything in Ukraine except the road from the airport to the conference center and back to Kiev - all at night! So that evening, we took the metro into the center of town and what an experience that was. First off, it was COLD, about -3 c. We got on the metro it quickly filled up. We were like Sardines in the car. The public display of affection was....obscene at times. Once we got of the metro, we had a long walk underground. Lined along the tunnel of many many people walking somewhere, were small vendors. Everything from fish to light bulbs to clothes to CD's to produce was available. Amazing! We were going to eat at a local restaurant, but it was closed and we settled for TGIF's. I was disappointed. As we were going back to the Power's home, I was handed a ticket asking me to get a bride and take her back to America. Ah, I declined (Debbie I love only you!). That night, again, I could not sleep but for about 3 hours. Maybe I'll catch some sleep on the plane, maybe not...I'll be sleeping most of the weekend. I'll write more upon my return and sleep at home!