Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Disciples: What's It All About?

I have been having an e-mail conversation with a guy who many would view as a seasoned believer who is faithful, an entrepreneur, and very talented having accomplished much in life and ministry.  Many churches could easily desire him to move in the direction of eldership in their community of saints.  With all of this man's wonderful talents, abilities and accomplishments he made the following statement in one of our recent e-mail exchanges; "Still trying to figure out what it looks like to make a disciple though."  

My friend is not alone.  There are many 'seasoned' people I meet that can't really articulate what it takes to make a disciple.  Most would admit that they have never made a disciple themselves.  This seems odd to me because it is the final commandment that Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19-20.  We really should be obeying this command with intentionality.  Many view the making of disciples as a cognitive (knowledge based) exercise.  Disciple making is too often reduced to a set of beliefs, Bible studies and doctrines.  When discipleship is defined as teaching people doctrines and facts, then I can understand that why most people don't make disciples or are even able to articulate what the process looks like.

I believe that helping people to be like Jesus (a disciple), is both much easier - everyone can do it - and much harder - it really takes commitment - than teaching a set of doctrinal beliefs.  Next time I'll write about how making disciples is both easy and hard, until then, I'd love to hear about what you think is involved in making disciples.  Please jot a thought or two (or more) below as a comment and let me know what you think is involved in making disciples.  If you'd like, let me know if you are making disciples or if you feel that you have ever made a disciple of Jesus.  I look forward to reading your thoughts.