J'aime Jésus et Paris

J'aime Paris (I love Paris)! When my wife and I have the opportunity to visit Paris, we love to stay at Hotel du Champ de Mars. Each room has a unique French feel, the staff is very helpful the price point is affordable and the hotel is perfectly located in the authentic Gros Caillou district.

Writing the above paragraph was fun and whisked my mind across the sea to Paris. It is my belief that talking about Jesus should be just as natural as talking about the Hotel du Champ de Mars. Not everyone likes to travel or travel to Europe or enjoys Paris, but that does not stop me from sharing the good news of this wonderful hotel.

Jesus has transformed my life radically and for the good in every way possible. Jesus has guaranteed me eternal life with Him because of my belief in Him (John 3:14–17). Jesus has given me spiritual abilities (gifts) that I use to build up those whom I connect. I have the ability to be filled or controlled by the Holy Spirit. The list of benefits could go on. I actually believe that almost every person would want to have eternal life with God as well as abilities to help others and a joy that is consistent…so…why wouldn’t I invite others to explore those possibilities by believing in Jesus? I really do find it fun to share my faith in Jesus with people. He has changed my life! He promises to give me the opportunities, the right words and the right timing to share Him with others (Luke 12:11–12; Ephesians 6:18–20).

J'aime Jésus (I love Jesus), and I will keep enjoying speaking of Jesus in natural ways whenever He gives me the opportunity. I invite you to do the same! Give away the joy of Jesus. Blessings.

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