Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Safe in Delhi

Well, we arrived safe in Delhi last night. It is now about 9am and breakfast is about to be served. I have only slept about 5 hours since getting up Monday morning. I am tired with lots of 'cobwebs' in my mind. Upon our arrival, customs was very easy and simple - a breeze. As soon as we landed, the 'scent' of life hit us. You knew you were in a different world. We met our friend, Matthew Ninan and drove to his home. We enjoyed some refreshements - a great Tomatoe soup - some conversation and then we went to bed about midnight. It took me about 2 hours to fall asleep and then I woke up at 6am. A knock came on my door and it was one of Matthew's sons. He wanted to know if I had brought him 'gifts'. Of course I had and we enjoyed talking...went to the kitchen and had some great Indian coffee (coffee with lots of cream and sugar). I then took a shower and a walk with Matthew's sons to see their school and a corner store. Jeffery just walked in the door. Jeff is one of our EID India directors. I just returned from breakfast. We had some sweet oatmeal, some thin pancakes but no syrup. Instead, Indian's use more spicy sauces for their pancakes. We also had also had toast which is two pieces of bread stuffed with a spicy potato stuffing. It was all very good and tasty. We will spend today getting acclimated, resting, talking and praying together. This evening, we are meeting with a Pastor from a large family of churches. He has been inviting EID to teach at his churches. On a personal note, I just received an e-mail from Debbie. She told me that our middle daughter, Rachel (who is handicapped) that she has a case of shingles. Please pray for God's healing and mercy. If the Lord chooses not to heal her, then may the Lord grant her mercy with the pain. Shingles can be very painful. Rachel typically has a high thresh hold of pain, but better if there is no pain. Thanks for praying for this. I sense that it is another way of an attack by the enemy. Both Jeffery and Matthew have been sick the past two days - another attack??? Please pray much. This is a very historic trip. Handing off the ministry to these men is rarely done here in India by western ministries. I told Jeff and Matthew that we are not their bosses - we are equals. He had a look as if he actually did not believe me. I said, what will it take for me to convince you that we are equals. He said that these days together will show him that we are serious. So pray that we are wise in how this hand off takes place. I love these men and their families. I want to honor them and Jesus our Lord. Blessings, Ed

Monday, October 30, 2006

20 hours of airport and flying :-0

I'll be leaving my home in about 45 minutes. Saying good-bye to Deb will be hard - saying hello next Wednesday will be heaven! At church last night, we had a great time worshipping the Lord, praying for a newborn, Caleb Martin, and praying for my trip to India. If you would, please pray for my lower back. My left leg ache's because something in my back is putting pressure on a nerve...I'm sure it will get better. Being with friends, enjoy spicy food, hearing stories of the fame of God in a land that is thristy for Christ will be wonderful experiences. I plan on taking lots of pictures, much video and I hope I can share much of it with you upon my return. Well, time to hug my grandkids, my wife and get ready to serve the Lord and to learn from His people in India. Thanks for remembering me in your daily prayers. I'll try to post to this blog as soon as possible. I'll tell you this - when you are on the receiving end of prayers on an adventure like this, they seem more important than when I'm praying. So KNOW that your prayers are coveted. George and Walter have traveled internationally, but never to India - I'll let you know their take on things there. I love you all deeply! Connect to the Father often, He loves you all so very much. He is worthy your best in everything. Blessings, Ed

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tommorrow - the plane leaves

Well, in 24 hours from now, I'll be taking off from Phoenix on my way to Chicago. There, I'll meet up with George Traub and Walter Cuadra - Evangelism In Depth Board members - and together we'll board an American Airlines Flight to New Delhi, India. Our plane leaves at 7:20pm and arrives in Delhi, India at 9:35pm on Tuesday night. My plan is to try and nap from Phoenix to Chicago and then stay awake until we get to Delhi. I want to be exhausted so my body will be on Indian time when we wake up on Wednesday. I took my first anti-malaria pill today and I have some parasite busting antibiotics incase some water finds it way into my system. Getting ready for this trip has been daunting. There is so much to remember when you are traveling 12,000 from home. I've spent all day putting things together that I need and I feel like I've just begun - so I'd better get back to it. Thanks for your prayers and support. Please pray for safe travel, no sicknesses and lots of learning. Also, pray for the great country of India to be transformed by our friends in that land who love Gospel. I'll write more as soon as possible. Blessings, Ed

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

India - Less than a Week Away

Well, a week from now I'll be in Delhi, India. This week will be full as I get ready to travel half way around the world, prepare for several teachings and meetings and prepare for a world that is as different as could be from my way of life in the USA. I'm excited to go to India to celebrate all that the Evangelism In Depth (EID) team has accomplished there. Myself and two other board members are going to Delhi to 'hand off' the ministry to EID/India. It will be a great time of celebrating and deepening life long friendships. Walter and George, the other two board members, have never been to India. I've only been there once - last year. If you are the praying type, you can pray for safe travel, a protection from illnesses, a large heart to give to our Indian brothers and sisters and a deep thirst to learn much from the Indian people. I'll write more as the time nears - pray for the stamina to get a lot done and for rest before leaving. Blessings, Ed