Monday, November 03, 2008

Safe in India

It is 12:30am Tuesday morning and we have had little sleep. We are praying that sleep comes quickly tonight. Our flight was long, about 16 hours, but uneventful. There were a bunch of cheesy movies that 'could' be watched...I mean, endured but it help to pass the time. We landed in Delhi and proceeded to get our baggage, we exchanged our dollars for Rupees and exited the airport to find my friend Matthew. After a half hour of searching, we finally connected and began to drive to Matthew and Suma's home. Delhi is building huge new airport and there was much dust in air near the airport, so much so that it looked like fog and you could smell the dust in the air. Both Josh and myself felt a sense of anxiousness as we waited for the plane in Chicago but I knew that ValleyLife was praying for us and I received a call from Clive Craigen in Chicago and his house church began to pray for us too. The peace of God warmed our souls and the anxiety left us. We will try and sleep now and tomorrow, I'll write some more and try to upload some pictures. Our plan for Tuesday is rest and recoup from a long hard and profitable seminar over the last weekend and a long fight. Thank you for your prayers, love and support for this trip. May the Lord be glorified through all that we here in India and where ever you are. Blessings, Ed